Hi, I'm Kiran Patel!

I’m a product designer who is obsessed with process and exploration to deliver quality.

Seeking full-time opportunities.

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Hot 100 Genres — presenting the most popular genres in music.

  •  Data-visualization
  •  HTML, CSS, JS used from scratch
  •  Collected and sorted thousands of data-cells

Miimi — a smart companion doll.

  •  Physical product and companion app
  •  4-person school project
  •  Responsible for creating app/visuals

Historia — an efficient research tool for students.

  •  Uses audience research
  •  Visuals and UI originally created, prototyped
  •  Responsible for leading, ideating + UI/UX

Who am I?

I am a 21-year-old designer from Toronto, Ontario who loves to collaborate, innovate, and eat! PLEASE feel free to connect with me—I'm lonely (; へ: )

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Where am I looking

I ♡ Music

If there's anything that explains who I am—it's the music I listen to. Check out some of my fav stuff right now, and follow me on:

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The Weeknd



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Hip Hop

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Dreaming of You

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I Draw

Since I was 3, I've been obsessed with drawing. Now I do digital art and you can check it out via my:

I Keep Busy

Discipline leans on experience, and I try to stay active in order to grow as a designer and stay motivated.

I'd love to chat!

Want to learn more about me/collaborate? I'm happy to talk about anything (over tacos)!